Park & Ride

Multifunctionality/-purpose is the key to save space, material and energy. And in that perspective, a little bit of fun can be the key to enjoy this way of flex-working. A beautiful, well thought environment stimulates creativity, and let’s not forget the possibility to personalize the work station as a motivational aspect.

We are right on track with this playful yet multifunctional concept: park & ride. You can ride the beautifully shaped office for-the-day to where it’s needed or wanted. With a minimum of effort open communication is stimulated or intimacy is created by playing with the steel (cradle-to-cradle!) panels, which also can be used as magnet boards for display/presentation, to-do lists or, more personally those (most wanted) pics-of-the-kids. In this way, each one can create his own comfort zone in an ordered, organized way which gives the whole a clear, stylish look and thereby adds professionalism to the office.

We ride our desks and puzzle ourselves a new office. The one we like to create. The one which works for us. So we can work at our best.


> Design in top 10 of ‘Shaping The Office’ Contest by Bruynzeel Storage Systems.