This office system focusses on functionality in a great-looking package. It is based upon the fact that all the cabinet walls slide over one very long, architectural table, which is the focal point of the office, literally the connecting thread. The form is simple, through which it creates a serene surrounding area for work, interaction and all that comes with the job.

By sliding the cabinet walls, we create different spaces, different settings, different atmospheres. A reception, small office, landscape office, conference room, dining area or informal meeting place is created by just a mere slide of the storage/archive elements. Except for the chairs, no furniture needs to be moved to alter the space entirely.

To encourage interaction a part of the cabinet is left open, which also provides a view over the connecting link between all – the minimalistic table. When privacy is needed, this opening can be closed, creating a colorful niche which gives intimacy to the area.

Sockets and cables can be put away in the central pipeline in the middle of the table. This table element, which is actually the junction of two solids, captures all needed wiring/facilities to accommodate each composition perfectly, so that all visual ballast elsewhere is banned from the shaped office and form itself comes to into its own.


> Design in top 10 of ‘Shaping The Office’ Contest by Bruynzeel Storage Systems.