Nomination in International Present Time Design Contest - 2012

Capture everything that is wonderful and tasty. Dress up for it. Enjoy it.

Cap protects your fingers from hot, sticky, greasy,... but altogether delicious fingerfood, and in the meantime, it feeds the eye and triggers a laugh...

Clever and humoristic, it invites its carriers to play, to laugh, to interact with each other. The origami all-timer ‘oracle’ can be used to ‘predict’ if you want another yummy goodie, or not. Or... it answers a lot more than that...

On the other hand, Cap is a functional cover and protection for your fingers, alowing you to enjoy your fingerfood... and your company.

This colorful finger-vest is playful, yet elegant and completely water-, heat AND spillage- proof. When you dress up for the aperitif, why not go all the way?

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